When Should I Go to Urgent Care for Allergies?

According to Food Allergy Research & Education, approximately 32 million people have food allergies. While some food allergies can be fatal, most allergic reactions do not require a trip to urgent care. In fact, most of the time these symptoms can be safely managed at home. The most common food allergies include cow’s milk, eggs, … Continued

Why Are Vaccines So Important?

Vaccines are the most effective way to protect yourself and your community from infectious disease and costly hospital bills. If more people in a population get vaccinated, it lowers the risk for those who can’t. Unlike most medicines, which treat or cure diseases you already have, vaccines work to prevent them. All vaccines undergo rigorous … Continued

Four Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter

Winter weather means a higher risk of getting a cold, flu, bronchitis or even COVID-19. Like flu, the coronavirus is a respiratory illness that affects the upper (sinuses, nose and upper throat) or lower (windpipe and lungs) respiratory tract. However, COVID-19 appears to spread more easily, cause more serious illness in some people and make … Continued

5 Signs of Sprains and Strains to Look For

Getting involved in an accident, playing sports, or lifting heavy objects are all factors that can cause strains and sprains. You can develop either of the two at your upper or lower limbs.  Sometimes we may dismiss the injury as minor and fail to get treatment when it is needed. It is usually because we … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Deep Splinter Removal

There’s good and bad news when it comes to splinters. The good news is that they’re not usually a cause for immediate concern. You have time and options regarding how to proceed. The bad news is that anyone is at risk of getting splinters anytime. Most splinters are wood shards that come from hiking, camping, or woodworking. Other splinter culprits … Continued